Peter Fortune: New infrastructure investment will mean more jobs and growth in Lewisham East


This is the biggest investment in roads in a generation and will update major corridors in and around the South East region, including the M25, A27 and A34. This builds on a radical overhaul which began in 2010 with major improvements to the M25, Tonbridge bypass and A23 – making life easier for businesses and motorists.

This is part of a £15.2 billion Roads Investment Strategy setting out how the government will invest in the roads network in England between 2015/16 and 2020/21 – with over 100 major schemes planned in total.

Peter Fortune, Conservative candidate for Lewisham East said, “This is great news for motorists and businesses in Lewisham East who have had to deal with the consequences of underinvestment in roads in the South East.

Labour’s mishandling of the economy means that they always fail to invest properly in infrastructure and do not understand that it is only by supporting businesses and by strengthening our economy that we can protect and provide the services we all hold so dear."  

Peter added, “By fixing Britain’s roads the Conservatives are supporting local businesses, helping businesses to create more jobs and making life easier for the hardworking taxpayers in Lewisham East who rely on them to get around.”

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer,  “Because we Conservatives have been working through our Long Term Economic Plan over the last four years, we are able to invest an unprecedented sum into the South East. Today I am committing a further £1.4 billion of new funding for roads in the South East.

For years these roads have suffered from underinvestment, resulting in congestion and delays. This has brought misery to motorists and undermined growth prospects of businesses. This new investment will help deal with these issues, creating jobs and opportunities for hardworking taxpayers throughout the South East. This never would have happened without the strong voice of Conservative MPs and candidates”.