General Election 2017

Since the Prime Minister called this snap election Lewisham East Conservatives have been working hard to meet and talk to as many people as possible.  We've attended hustings knocked on doors and delivered thousands of leaflets.

We'll keep on working right until the polls close.

We believe that we must do this if we are to secure a positive future for the people of Lewisham East and provide a new voice for an area that has been dominated by Labour for too long.

It is clear that the stakes at this election couldn't be higher. Just eleven days after the General Election the vital Brexit negotiations will begin. The outcome of these talks will have a huge impact on the future of everyone in Lewisham East.  It is essential that we get a good deal for Britain.  Jeremy Corbyn simply isn't tough enough for the job but a loss of just six seats could make him Prime Minister and, propped up by a cobbled together coalition, he would jeopardise all our futures.

I believe in Theresa May, in a way that even many Labour candidates simply do not have confidence in Jeremy Corbyn. Even the Labour MP here in Lewisham East voted to remove him as Labour leader less than a year ago, but on Thursday she is asking us to elect him Prime Minister. If she doesn't trust him, how on Earth can we?

Lewisham has been dominated by Labour for decades, but working with Theresa May I know I can stand up to their establishment machine and getter a better deal for local people. The Conservatives have achieved a lot in the last few years - reducing the deficit by two thirds, guaranteeing that if you need care it will be provided, the amount you pay will be capped and nobody will lose their home.  There's an extra £4bn of funding to schools by 2022 with no school having its budget cut and a further £8bn for the NHS.

There is so much more we can get done for Lewisham together but we need the right leadership in place to make it happen. On Thursday please support me and Theresa May. Even if you don't think of yourself as a traditional Conservative voter, lends us your support this time to stop Jeremy Corbyn and secure Britain's prospects. This time, vote like all our futures depended on it.