Bullers Wood School for Boys - Update

Update regarding Bullers Wood Boys School from Peter Fortune


Thank you for all your messages regarding BWSB.


I have seen and read some comments that I wish to address. I think this is necessary because, if you'll permit me to update a phrase; a lie can be halfway around Facebook before the truth has turned its phone on.


There has been no interference from any elected councillor. The situation has arisen due to an independent inspector's decision regarding the ESFA's appeal.


Independent legal advice recommended the information from the appeal be shared with the DC committee as, in their view, there was not a material difference between the two applications. I double checked the advice and the instruction and it is very clear.


Everybody has been very professional. The council, ESFA and the school have all been in constant communication and are working to resolve the unique position we find ourselves in.  The local MP Bob Neill has been briefed and I am meeting with our Assembly Member Gareth Bacon. 


The Council is not the applicant, the ESFA are.


The chief planner does not live next to the site. (This one was my favourite.)


There is nothing Machiavellian, underhand, illegal or duplicitous. It's a direct result of the original appeal being left in and independent legal advice advising the DC committee be officially informed.


Over this next week LBB and the ESFA will be talking over all these issues. I'll have no further information until the report is completed which will be towards the end of next week.


I understand the frustration (I more than share it) but, as we wait for more information, let us try to not fill the void with speculation and rumour. It really doesn't help any of the parties in the negotiation.


But let me be clear, I want to see this resolved and I want the school places to be available.  I would really appreciate your assistance through your positive support.   


I will let you know more when I have more.


Peter Fortune

Portfolio Holder for Education, Children and Families.

The London Borough of Bromley



Legal advice has been taken following the dismissal of the planning appeal about the proposed Bullers Wood School for Boys. ow.ly/diG930hJVju


School Press Release: http://www.bwsboys.org/news/740/