And We're Off!

Over the past few years the team from Lewisham East Conservatives and I have been out and about in the constituency listening to residents and hearing their views.  Even with the General Election years away, your local Conservative activists were knocking on doors and listening to residents.  Now, after months and years of work, the election is finally here.

In three weeks time the voters of Lewisham East have a choice to make.  It is a choice that has never been so clear or so important.  The question is who is the right man to lead our country?  You have two options – David Cameron or Ed Miliband.

I support David Cameron as our next Prime Minister because I believe that he is the only one of the two candidates that has the ability to properly lead our country.

I support David Cameron as our next Prime Minister because he is the man who helped to turn our economy around after the terrible mess it was left in by the previous Labour administration.

I support David Cameron because, in a time of terrible global peril, I believe that he is the man who will keep this country protected and not risk its citizen’s safety by making dodgy political deals with the Scottish separatists.

I support David Cameron because he is the only one who can protect and modernise our vital services so that our precious National Health Service can survive far into the next century.

A vote for the Conservatives will have a positive impact on the revival of our great country.  You can help to secure a Conservative majority which will put more money in your pocket by taxing you less, give you and your children more security and provide you with an opportunity to discuss and decide the future of our relationship in Europe; a decision no Government has given you in 40 years. 

As your MP I will work tirelessly for you in Westminster and in the constituency.  You will have an MP who will stick up for you and will have a voice at the table of decision making. 

I am not from a political background.  I’ve never worked as a parliamentary aid or for a public relations company.  I have honestly held views about this country’s potential and how it can be a place that is fair for all.  I believe that our policies provide opportunity and support for all society.  I believe that we never run away from a problem or simply throw money at it in the financially illiterate hope that it will go away.  

I respect those individuals who have a differing view.  That is, after all, the very point of political debate in a free and open society.  I simply disagree with them.  I don’t dislike or distrust them.  I don’t think they are selfish or mean ill to others – I just think that there is a better way.

I believe that Ed Miliband and Ed Balls are not the men to lead our country at this crucial point in our recovery.

So vote Conservative for a local MP who will listen to you and act on your behalf and vote Conservative to put the right man back in Number 10.