I believe that immigration has been good for our economy, good for our culture and good for business.  Lewisham East is a wonderful and vibrant community that displays all the best things about being a welcoming and tolerate society.  Our diversity and energy all benefit from a sensible immigration policy.  

However, when immigration is too high, it puts pressure on people’s jobs, wages, and communities. That’s why we’ve worked hard to tackle immigration – and we now have the opportunity to get control of our borders as we leave the EU. But that’s at risk because Jeremy Corbyn and all the other parties who would prop him up in government want to keep free movement. 

Theresa May and the Conservatives want to control and reduce immigration to managed levels.

We will get control of our borders as we leave the EU. Control of immigration is one of our objectives in the Brexit negotiations.  

We have delivered controls to clamp down on illegal immigration so people follow the rules.  We have made it harder for illegal immigrants to get rented accommodation, bank accounts, and driving licences, and made it easier to deport foreign criminals. All private landlords are required to conduct ‘right to rent’ checks on their tenant’s immigration status before offering a tenancy agreement. 

We have cut the abuse of student visas, while still attracting the best and brightest.  Migration from outside the EU has decreased by a quarter since 2010. We have closed more than 900 bogus colleges whilst still approving 113,000 non-EU students to UK universities in the year to June 2016, and increased scrutiny of sham marriages. 

We have tightened access to public services so people put in before they get out. Temporary migrants must pay into the NHS, and local authorities must undertake a residency requirement before a person qualifies for social housing.  We have limited the benefits for new migrants, and implemented a test to see what migrants have done to find work before they come here.

A coalition of chaos with Jeremy Corbyn and all the other parties would put that at risk and fail to get control of our borders 
They don’t believe we need to control immigration.  A Labour spokesman said: ‘It is not an objective to reduce the numbers’.  The SNP say that ‘we can accommodate many more immigrants’.

They would not get control of immigration from Europe.  Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t rule out keeping free movement – and the SNP, Lib Dems and Greens all want to keep free movement.