Defence and Tackling Terrorism

In these challenging times it is even more important that we have a Government and a Prime Minister who is committed to keeping us safe.  If elected as your MP I will work to ensure that our marvellous military and emergency services have all the need to protect us. 


I believe that immigration has been good for our economy, good for our culture and good for business.  Lewisham East is a wonderful and vibrant community that displays all the best things about being a welcoming and tolerate society.  Our diversity and energy all benefit from a sensible immigrati


The British people made a decision to leave the EU.  As your MP, I will support Teresa May in getting the right deal for Britain and ensuring that our future is not placed in danger due to a calamitous negotiation lead by a cobbled together collation. 

A Safe and Growing Economy

You will hear a great deal about the economy over this General Election campaign.  We all know just how bad the economy was at the end of Gordon Brown’s Government.  To be fair, even the Labour party knew how bad it was when they left a ‘joke’ note saying: “Dear Chief Secretary, I'm afraid that there is no money.” 

A Place to Call Home

I believe that housing is one of the most important issues facing the next Government.  Suitable housing provides not just a place to live but a place to grow, a place where communities can flourish and local businesses can thrive. 


Education is, quite simply, the silver bullet when it comes to building a happy and fulfilling future.  The self confidence, drive and focus that evolve from a first class education can make all of the difference in life.  We need to ensure that we provide the opportunity for all children to get the start that they deserve and that we support the dedicated teachers and staff who make it all happen.

Health and Care

We will be confronted with a crisis in care unless we continue to make the necessary changes required whilst continuing to protect both funding and frontline staff.

Long Term Plan for Elderly Care

As your local MP the concerns of Lewisham East’s residents will always be of the upmost importance to me. An issue that has been raised with me, both on the doorstep and at hustings, is our long-term plan for elderly care.